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Category publication and none of fanzine, fanthology, apazine, clubzine, newszine, apa, newsletter, prozine, semiprozine, book, bibliography, fanhistory. Apabar - Nebula (Rapp fanzine) - Nebula (Shaw fanzine) - Nebula (Taylor fanzine)

Category publishing and convention or publishing

Category person but not fan, pro or mundane Anne Gay - Archive of Our Own - Atheneum Books - Cemetery Dance Magazine - DC Comics - David Ketterer - Edward James - Eisner Award - Fantask - Five Year Mission - George Orwell - I. F. Clarke - Jaak Tomberg - Marvel Comics - Nicholls - Prix Imaginaire - Roger Lancelyn Green - Spectrum Award - Standards - The Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Weird Fiction Magazine Index

Category artist but not fan, pro or mundane

Category condex and not convention Cardiff in 2016

Category (eastercon|canvention|eurocon) and not (US|UK|Europe|Canada|Asia|Australia|Ireland|NZ)

Category convention and bid Huttcon '90

Category convention and club Con-Fusion

Category fanzine and club ESSFSCCNY - Fandom Unlimited - Fans Across the World - Fanvets - New Fandom - Operation Fantast

Category worldcon, westercon but not condex or bid or bidding or fanhistory Worldcons by Area

Category eastercon,canvention, eurocon but not condex